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Bitabest is a brain child of Chando Che Daniel. This platform is designed for free promotion of Gospel/Moral Entertainment contents, and upcoming events such as; crusades, gospel seminars and other activities in line with Christianity and morality. We equally  update fans with latest and important happenings in the lives of gospel celebrities/ministers, for more relevance.

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Our Mission Is to Empower


Music Promoters


Music professionals


Artists involved


Satisfaction Rated


Movies/Comedy Professionals

After a severe observation, sampled opinions and analysis, we arrived at the conclusion that gospel creative work of arts hardly go viral as compared to secular contents. This inspired us to create a unique and well strategized promotion network system aimed at ensuring that gospel entertainers and content creators are well recognized, and credited for their talents. Also to serve as a method of fostering Christianity and morality, especially through entertainments. We intend to achieve this via our agents in churches, educational and business institutions, online groups and other unions/associations worldwide, based on partnership.
Bitabest also offers free seminars and workshops, to help develop different talents. Some individuals shall benefit scholarship through our partnership with different institutions, and sponsorship from None Governmental Organizations (N. G. O), that are in support of our vision.

Our Vision

We practice what we preach






We are looking at every Christian with an android phone as a subscriber of Bitabest on YouTube, follower on Facebook and other social media outlets like Tiktok & Instagram in the nearest future. It’s commonly said that charity begins at home. We believe that as Christians we are a family in Christ Jesus, regardless of the church (One God, One Church).  More people will get to know about Jesus Christ, and Christianity will become more relevant in most nations, If every Christian gets at least one person to follow Bitabest on the above mentioned social media platforms as their own contribution, to ensure that gospel/moral entertainment contents, and upcoming gospel events and news have more views.

We Work With the Very Best

Our Team

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Chando Che Daniel

CEO/ Founder

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Mundi Tambe Alfred

Finance Director

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Mary Ngowo Akwo

Operations Manager

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Yobo Nkoumou Mac

HR Manager

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Ombaku Islanta

Marketing Head

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Glory Mokake Munukwo

Chief Content Editor

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