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About Us

Who we are/

Who we are

Bitabest is a brain child of Chando Che Daniel. This platform is designed for free promotion of Gospel/Moral Entertainment contents, and upcoming events such as; crusades, gospel seminars and other activities in line with Christianity and morality. We equally update fans with latest and important happenings in the lives of gospel celebrities/ministers, for more relevance.


After a severe observation, sampled opinions and analysis, we arrived at the conclusion that gospel creative work of arts hardly go viral as compared to immoral/secular contents.


We are looking at every Christian with an android phone as a subscriber of Bitabest on YouTube, follower on Facebook and other social media outlets like Tiktok & Instagram in the nearest future. It’s commonly said that charity begins at home.

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We aim to empower gospel & moral creatives worldwide


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts

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