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Melody the psalmist - Cameroonian Gospel Artist (Bio)

Melody the psalmist is a Cameroonian Gospel artist who was born on the 14th of January 1987 by Mr Nde Elvis and Mrs Atimdoh Grace who originated from the northwest region of Cameroon ethnic tribe known as mankon. Henis is a singer, vocalist, song writer, producer and the CEO of a Record label called 'FIREWORK'. He made it through in his education right up to the university of Douala where he studied Biochemistry.

After his university level, he became a juvenile delinquent but as God has His ways of doing things, he gave his life to Christ and became a born again in the year 2010 since it was his father's dying wish. He is presently working on a piece "Dance" which has subtitles 'Vaincu le monde', 'come come come', 'fait lui confiance' and 'Baba do good'.

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